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Unwavering Faith: The Eighth Personal Leadership Characteristic

Personal Leadership is the key to living a successful life. It is the ability to lead yourself. When you learn how to lead yourself, you become more effective in everything that you do. People who learned how to lead themselves often have characteristics they have adopted that makes them stand out. One of which is being a person with an unwavering faith.

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What is Unwavering Faith?

In Hebrews chapter 11 verses 1 of the Bible, Faith was defined as "the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen." Faith is the evidence that we have that has not happened yet. It is what we hold on to when everything else seems to fall apart. It is what's required of us to move towards what we want to have and achieve even when there are no guarantees that we're ever going to get to where we want to go.

The world has sold us into believing that we must first see before we believe that something is true. But we all know that people who have contributed great things in the world have moved even when no one believed them. They had unwavering faith. They believed that there is something out there for them - a good future, a great product or creation that they can do, a service that they can offer, etc. - and they went out and took it.

Unwavering faith is the undying belief that something is in store for us. That if we continue doing that things that we're supposed to do, it will yield results. Continuing to plant concentrated efforts towards your goal will eventually yield fruits. It will give you the success and achievement that you want to experience and have.

To me, my faith comes from believing that God has something in store for me. That He has a plan for my life. That all I have to do is to work on it and show Him that I am responsible to handle success. And His blessings for my life. That is where my faith comes from. Personal leaders enjoy this kind of unwavering faith. Thus, it makes them peaceful to make decisions. If they make mistakes, they know that they can do something in order to improve the situation. They have faith that there's something they can learn from what happened. And so they learned.

"Your self-sacrificing devotion to your purpose in life and your unwavering faith will carry you through times of difficulty." - Martin Luther King, Jr.

Unwavering Faith Takes Practice

Being a faithful person takes practice. If right now you are experiencing hardships and challenges in your life, it is the best time to practice being faithful. It is now the right moment to rest assured that you will eventually get through what you're experiencing right now. If you practice being faithful, it will give you the sense of peacefulness and assurance that there's a plan for your life.

Also, you need to trust that everything is going to be okay. When you want something, know and define it clearly. And focus all your actions towards that goal. But you must practice being a person with unwavering faith. There are no quick rewards. Nothing that's ever great comes easy. You need to trust that the fruits are going to show eventually. Also, you just need to keep planting the seeds of your labor.

An Example of Unwavering Faith

This reminds me of a great Bible story. Once, there was an old man and an old woman who didn't have a son. One day, an angel came to them and prophesied that they are going to be given a son. The son's name would be Isaac. Days and months have passed and it happened. True to the word, the old woman got pregnant and later gave labor to a son. They named him Isaac.

One day, the old man was asked by God to offer a living sacrifice. God asked the old man to offer his son as an offering or sacrifice because it will please Him. God was testing the old man's faith. Now, the old man complied willingly. He knew that God has a plan. He had an unwavering faith.

On the day of the sacrificial act, Isaac and the old man were preparing the things they're going to use. Isaac asked his father, "Where is the sacrificial lamb?" The father answered, "God will provide." And so, Isaac knew what will happen. He accepted his fate willingly.

Faith Unwavered

Just as when the old man would stab his son, God stopped him. God had proven His son's faithfulness. Now, God knew that the old man trusted and loved Him so much that he is willing to sacrifice his son. The old man's name was Abraham. One of the Heroes of Faith in the Bible. He was rewarded a promise called Abrahamic Covenant. The whole nation of Israel came from his blood. Finally, he was blessed much because he had an unwavering faith.

What can we learn from Abraham? To me, having unwavering faith will yield you blessings that even you can't imagine. As a result, having the faith that everything will work out in the end will get you through the hard times in your life. And that's what I learned from Abraham's story.

Le Mot De La Fin.

Now, don't misunderstand me. Faith without action isn't going to get you anything. You need to also take action. But do so with unwavering faith. As for me, the actions that I take together with unwavering faith makes me assured that I'm doing fine although I don't see immediate results. It makes me secured that everything that I'm doing right now will be great in due time. Because every small effort adds up and build.

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Live an inspired life,

Jeric C. Timbang

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