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Undying Will: The Seventh Personal Leadership Characteristic

On our previous articles, we've discussed about Personal Leadership. Personal Leadership is the ability to lead one's self towards what one wants. It is an important ingredient if you want to live a successful life. Personal leaders have adopted certain characteristics that makes them stand out. One of which is being a person with an undying will. And this characteristic helps personal leaders become more successful.

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Undying Will Defined

What is an undying will? Undying will is the combination of both perseverance and resilience. Perseverance is the ability to continue even in the face of disappointment. While resilience is the ability to bounce back after being disappointed. Both are important ingredients of having an undying will. One without the other is good. But combining both will make you an unstoppable person.

Perseverance without resilience will make your actions meaningless. Yes, you may continue doing or pursuing what you want. But without enthusiasm. On another note, resilience without perseverance will never result to learning. You may be bouncing back every time you make mistake, but without perseverance, you're never going to assess. The two can stand alone. But combined with each other, you'll make it far. And fast.

In this age of instant gratification, perseverance and resilience is a must. In an article written by Susan K. Minarik entitled "Perseverance - The Power Key to Success"she defined perseverance as "The ability to keep on keeping on." She also shared a study conducted in the University of Pennsylvania. The conclusion being, "the quality that distinguished star performers in their respective fields was not necessarily talent, but exceptional commitment to ambitions and goals."

“Success is always inevitable wherever there is a mind with an undying will to win.” - Edward Mbiaka

The undying will to win is important if you want to live a life of success. Giving up is the option weak-minded and weak-willed people choose. But continuation is the choice of personal leaders. They never give up. It's hard to win against people who never give up. We've all seen people who fight and fight even when they don't have an upside. They may lose now. But eventually, they always win. It's mysterious how God favors those people who never give up.

So, how are you going to apply this in your own life?

Perseverance and Resilience Applied

Again, the two most important ingredients of this personal leadership characteristic is perseverance and resilience. Right now, you may be facing challenges. You may be feeling down and afraid. Or you may be feeling incompetent and without confidence. There are things in life that would really make you feel down. And they don't necessarily have to be big things. Sometimes, it's those little things that makes us really feel down.

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But persevere even in the face of these challenges. You're going to make it through. You're going to reach your goal as long as you continue to persevere. As long as you continue to move towards it. It doesn't matter if you're fast or slow right now. You have your own pace to follow. You may be walking or running. Or sprinting or crawling. Have your own pace. But persevere.

Now, resilience is the ability to bounce back. What things in life have you given up fast enough just because you didn't see immediate results? There are things that you want to pursue. And you may have pursued what you want. But once you saw no immediate result, you stopped. You never bounced back. But right now, I want you to think of your dreams. Remember them. And think about how much pain and regret you may suffer in the future just because you stopped pursuing what you want.

Today is the day and age of unprecedented opportunities. There are a lot of doors opened to people who are prepared. The question is, "Are you prepared to seize those opportunities?"

An Example of Undying Will

You may have heard of this story before. But let me share this story again. Just because for me, this is the best example of perseverance and resilience.

Once, there was an old man who is aged at 65. This man worked hard all of his life. Though a lot of challenges have come and gone in the life of this man, he persevered. His wife left him. He worked in menial jobs. He's never had any noteworthy contribution in the marketplace.

But once this man retired, he received a check of $105. That started his journey towards success. He said, "I'm never going to live like this anymore." And so he thought of something that he could do to live an abundant and successful life. He realized that he could cook better than anyone he knows. And he has an amazing chicken recipe. He decided to look for a restaurant that will accept his chicken recipe and offer it.

Starting with that simple idea, he roamed all over America. This man had received 1,009 "Nos" before he had his first "Yes!" Oh yes! You read that right. One thousand and nine "Nos!" before landing his first "Yes!" The name of this man is Col. Harland Sanders. Better known as the man in white you see every so often in Kentucky Fried Chicken chains.

Col. Sanders changed the whole eating habit of America. You may not like KFC. But you won't be able to reject the notion that he is a premiere example of undying will. He had persevered. And he was resilient. That's why he won. He became ultra wealthy and super successful because he learned to lead himself.

Le Mot De La Fin.

Perseverance coupled with resilience is a powerful characteristic a person can have. Without ever giving up, you are eventually going to make it. I know you're working on something right now. Something that you really care about. Or maybe you want to start a business or a non-profit organization. I admire you for that. But please continue pursuing what you want. The world needs what you can offer. There are people out there that needs your knowledge and service. But continue enough so you could see the eventual results of your efforts.

How can you personally practice having an undying will? Share your thoughts with us by commenting below!

Live an inspired life,

Jeric C. Timbang

PS: The secret to living is giving. If you liked and learned something from this article, share it to others.


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