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What is True Success?

Many books written are about the topic of success. Successful people from all walks of life have are now studied. They're interviewed, surveyed, and some have done experiments with them. But from the many books and hundreds of studies, there are still some who are not satisfied with their life. There are still those whose lives are not as fulfilled as they want to be. And so the question that bugs me is "What it true success?"

Success Equals Achievement?

The Webster defines success as an achievement or accomplishment of something. In the dictionary, we put success and achievement on the same level. In technical terms, this might be true. Some people need to accomplish something before they feel that they are successful. Not only in business. But also in life.

But if this is true in philosophy, then why is it that there are those people who have achieved great things in life yet are feeling unfulfilled? If success is equal to achievement, why are there people who were underachievers and unsuccessful? Yet one day, they become an achiever?

As for me, I don't believe that success equals achievement. If that was so, many people would not have been successful. Only because they would feel intimidated. Or they would feel inadequate. But as I have seen, it's not the previous accomplishments or achievements that matter. Yes, they matter. But until such point only. If people would live on their previous achievements, they would not move forward.

I believe that success is the continuous pursuit of what you want. Earl Nightingale, the dean of personal development industry, once defined success. Nightingale was a very successful man. He was a radio announcer, and a business man. One night, he awoke and ideas started to flow. He wrote and wrote all night. Then he recorded what he typed. He was the one who made the audiotape "The Strangest Secret in the World."

Success is a Progressive Realization

In his audiotape, Earl Nightingale defined success as, "The progressive realization of a worthy ideal or goal." He said that as long as you are in the pursuit of your goal, you are already successful. There are people who used to be underachievers but they continued their pursuit of what they want. And so they got it at last.

Think about Thomas Edison, the greatest inventor of all time. Edison have hundreds, if not thousands of patents. He made a lot of things that we still use nowadays. But when Edison was a kid, his teacher said that he is a slow learner. And that he will never amount to anything. Fortunate enough, his mother refused on accepting the teacher's opinion. And taught Edison herself.

If success was equal to achievement, then there is no logical reason why Edison should become the greatest inventor of all time. Edison would have been doubtful of himself because he had no noteworthy achievement. That's before he started his journey towards inventing and entrepreneurship.

Another example which is my favorite is Henry Ford. Ford wasn't educated. And he wasn't rich. But what he had was an idea to make the car cheaper. And he revolutionized the industrial age by creating the factory line. He made all the nuts and bolts standardized. And every parts of the car. Plus, he paid the workers double and they work in lesser amounts of time.

Ford's idea was so revolutionary and so innovative. It was one of the most important innovation in the industrial age. And a lot of people benefited from it. What Henry Ford had was an idea, a goal. And he had the resolve to continue to pursue it even in the midst of tests and challenges. Of course, it wasn't an easy ride for him or Edison. But they stayed and they continued.

True Success Defined

I believe on Earl Nightingale's definition of success. I believe that the continuous pursuit of what you want is important. The resolve of not giving up and being patient until you get to where you want to go is important. Prior achievements will remain as that - prior achievement. And as time goes by, if you are not continuous with your pursuit, your achievements will be obsolete. Especially in this age and day where we retrieve information faster than ever before. If you don't improve, you're going to get left behind.

There are people who have achieved much in their life yet they feel terrible. They are not living a life of satisfaction. Having achievements will only magnify your current state. If you're unhappy, you will continue to be unhappy when you have more.

For me, true success is living a fulfilled life while you are in pursuit of what you want. It means being happy with what you have right now while you work to achieve your goals. It means not settling for what is. But learning to appreciate that what you have is a blessing to you. And you are very fortunate and blessed to have it. Even if you don't have that much yet, you are happy.

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Happiness while you are in the pursuit of what you want is vital. There is no greater failure than achieving something and yet still feel lonely. That I think, is the ultimate failure. And so, happiness right now is vital to true success. Don't worry if you're not yet there. You will soon get to where you want to go as long as you continue your pursuit.

Le Mot De La Fin.

True success is being happy now while you are still on the pursuit of what you want. It's feeling fulfilled and grateful for this moment. Even when you haven't achieved what you want. When you get there, it will only magnify your happiness. Remember, what you have and gain in the future will only magnify who you are right now. So it's best if you develop who you are. Because who you become is more important than what you will have in the future. That is true success.

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Live an inspired life,

Jeric Timbang

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