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First Things First: How to Prioritize Your Tasks

Can you imagine yourself free of the things that you don't have to do and just do what matters to you? When you are in a position of leadership, a lot of things are trying to get your attention. To be an effective leader, you must learn how to select your priorities. The only way to achieve something great is to concentrate all efforts into achieving a certain goal. Learning how to put first things first will make you more effective and efficient.

All things have its own importance. But you cannot consider everything that's important as priority. You must only give your full attention to things that are in alignment with your purpose. The job of a leader is to choose what to do and what not to do. Only then can you and your team move forward faster.

What is First Things First?

"First things first" is a concept introduced by Stephen Covey in his book, "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People." Covey listed this habit as the third habit of effective people. It means that you are learning how to live a more balanced life. Saying no to a lot of things means saying yes to what matters most to you and your vision.

There is no need to over extend yourself and overwork. Knowing your highest priorities is of high importance. Not only because it will make you more productive on things that matter. But also because you are doing the things that will fulfill you the most. When you go away from things that matter to you, you get frustrated. As a result, you are not satisfied even if you know you've done something.

First things first is more than just time management. Rather, it is also considered as life management. You are able to focus on your personal vision, mission, goals, values, and roles. When you work on your priorities, you not only become self motivated. But the life you want is pulling you towards it. You are becoming a co-designer of your own life.

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"Effective leadership is putting first things first. Effective management is discipline, carrying it out." - Stephen Covey

As a leader, knowing what to put as a first thing will make you achieve the vision and mission faster. Think about it. If you are doing the things that are in alignment with your vision, aren't you going to get there faster? If you are saying no to "distractions," wouldn't you get to your goals much faster?

As Covey said, effective leadership is knowing what to put as first. And effective management is carrying it out. You need both if you want to lead people. You don't need to be good at everything. But one thing you need to be good at is identifying and working out on your priorities. This will help you lead better.

Le Mot De La Fin.

Life will test you by showing you a lot of opportunities that you can seize. To be effective, you must learn to choose only those opportunities that will serve you. Especially those opportunities that will serve you in the long run. Learn to put first things first.

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Live an inspired life,

Jeric C. Timbang

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