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Expression Vs. Experience: What Would You Choose?

“A man is not doing much until the cause he works for possesses all there is of him. Desire, when harnessed, is power.” – John Wanamaker

What can you offer the world? What are the things that you do so well that others find difficult to do? And what is your gift? Or do you even consider what you do so well a gift?

We are all given gifts. Each of us has something unique to offer to the world. You may have the ability to speak in front of the crowd, energizing them or challenging their thinking. You may have the ability to paint a picture and put it on a canvass. Or you may have the capacity to write books or play music in a beautiful way. Whatever your gift may be, even if you think not of it highly, you can offer it to the world. All you need to do is to be brave enough to face your fears and to dive.

We all have the misconceptions that artists are the ones talented to create music or draw pictures or take photographs. But I believe, what artists really do is create an art. And art is an expression of who you are. It does not just affect the creator of the art, but it also affects the recipient. When we express who we are, even in simplest ways, we create art. You are an artist. And what you do, what you offer to the world is your art.

If you encourage people to go on and continue living or facing their fear; and you do it with a touch of your own self expression, you are offering your art. The forms or means are not as important as the intent. If what you do is code programs and create new applications for people to have better experience in buying or researching or shopping or even finding a place to rest, and your intent is to help people have a better and more positive experience, you truly are an artist. What you create is of value. And your intent is what the world needs to move it forward.

If you are a teacher and what you do is teach your students in areas far beyond your subject matter, you are an artist in a form of a teacher. I believe that the role of those who teach is to spark in the hearts of their students the love for learning. If you teach your students what it means to live a better life, if you help your students during their down times, if you touch their hearts and lives and if you believe on what and who they can be in the future, I salute you. You are a Michaelangelo. And your masterpieces are the lives of your students.

I encourage you to do what you love and to love what you do. Love – the passion to pursue what your heart wants to express – is the main thing that makes successful people strive even in times of heartbreaks. Love inspires them to achieve what they want even if people around them don’t believe. When they are being criticized, when they are being bombarded with pessimistic views of life, when stones are being thrown to them, they remind themselves of the love that they have for what their heart wants to express. And they decide to shrug the dusts off and move forward. They are stronger than ever. They have stronger resolves.

When you express yourself and when all the fibers of your being is in love with what you do, then all the forces of the Universe converges and supports you. Even when people don’t and the ones you love turn their backs on you, what you do will make a difference. I encourage you to take the walk with me towards that journey of not only living a fulfilled life but also contributing something – our time, money, resources, gifts and ideas – to make the world a better place. It is our prime duty to not only enjoy this gift called life but to help others enjoy the gift as well. The more people enjoy their life, the better the world becomes.

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I have talked with a lot of people and I have had the chance to get a glimpse of what their life will become in the future. I have the opportunity to connect with people who are pessimistic in their views of life and with people who are highly optimistic in what is to come. And I have heard people who talks as if they can see no hope in the future. They make themselves feel down. And most of the times, they stay down.

They find reasons, excuses so to speak, to stay down. They stopped hoping that someday, somehow, when they work towards what they want to have right now, they are going to get there. And that there is something better out there for all of us. There is a plan and the only way for us to be deserving of that plan is by working on it.

I have also spoken and heard people who are optimistic and not just blind hopeful but they know practically that there is a better future for all of us. They know because they have seen it and they have been there. They have tasted what it’s like to be there and they are not on the path to a better future. And they are grateful with what they have, they appreciate everything that is happening in their life but they are not settling for mediocrity.

They know and they believe they need to continue learning and growing. They don’t do it for the money, or maybe they do if that’s their measure of success, but most of them do it because they want to experience continuous growth. And they know that if they are not growing, they are dying. The laws of physics confirm that. And so they set themselves up on a journey to improve themselves.

These people are the ones I look up to. They don’t seek working experience. And they don’t want add to their resumes years of working experiences, doing the same things over and over again, for everyday in their life. No. These people seek to express who they are at the core. They want to express what their heart desires. They follow their passion. And they find a way to get better at what they love and most of the time; they get better than anyone else they know because they focus.

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They tell themselves, “I love working on this. I am going to focus on mastering this area of my life and I am going to look for ways to continuously improve on this. I will be better than anyone I know in this area.” And so they go and do that. They find what they love to do, drop everything and focused on the thing they love. And they excel.

I don’t seek experience. I even cringe and loathe creating my resume and putting there the number of years I have worked for a company. To me, it is never the number of years I worked but the number of contributions I made for the company to become better. I hate thinking that I worked on the same job for two years or five years or fifteen years.

Yes, time is of the essence. And the number of years that you have in doing your job can become an asset. But that view limits me. If I am working for the same job that I hate or even not love for 5 years, I have not moved in position, I was not given more responsibility, and the only thing I got was the number of years of working experience, then it wasn’t much of a growing experience to me. I might be a master of the job. I might be able to deliver and do my job even when I am sleeping or even when I am blindfolded, but having to work that long for the same thing every single day scares the hell out of me. It is not an expression of who I am.

Le Mot De La Fin.

To me, years of experience is only relevant when I work on what I love, I try to improve it, I try to get feedback, and I look on opportunities to be able to express my art more. I know that I am not going to work every day doing what I love, but if I work most of the times doing what I don’t love, then it is such a waste of time. Years of experience then are relevant to me if it is being used to express your gift, not to gain working experience to put on your resume. Adapting that view of only working to build a resume limits me. That’s why I respect those people who have the endurance to work for a job for certain number of years. I respect them. Because I myself, cannot do that.

I invite you to find what your heart wants to express and find opportunities or create opportunities wherein you can express your gift and create your art. You are an artist. Act like one.

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Live an inspired life,

Jeric C. Timbang

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